Cub Tracks’ just wants chicago cubs mlb jersey yu to play Ian Happ

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I’m pinch-hitting for Duane today and handling Cub Tracks. So please bear with me as I try my best to keep you informed about what’s up in the world of the Chicago Cubs over the pas chicago cubs mlb jersey qu t two days.

Also, I’m afraid that I’m not plugged into the science social media world like Duane is. So I’ll just present a few things that caught my eye in the rest of the world recently.

Jordan Bastian spoke with Cubs VP of international scouting Louie Eljaua about the Cubs recent international signings, including Alexis Hernandez (brother of Cristian) from the Dominican Republic and Panamanian catcher Adan Sanchez.Evan Altman thinks Cubs’ 2021 second-round pick James Triantos could be “freaky good.”Cubs pitcher Brad Wieck is back throwing off a mound after off-season heart surgery.

Here’s an example:

Darragh McDonald looks at Cubs’ outfielder Ian Happ’s trade value. Although he admits the Cubs don’t have any reason to trade Happ at the moment.Michael Brakebill thinks Ian Happ would be better off giving up switch-hitting. (This echoes an article on Happ that Jake Mailhot wrote for Fangraphs a week ago.) Richard Johnson wonders if Patrick Wisdom can cut down on his strikeouts.Former Cubs Andre Dawson and Jamie Moyer had a few things to say at the Reading Mookie Betts Jerseys Hot Stovers Banquet.Bryan Smith tries to build a top ten 2022 draft board for the Cubs.Sad news as Pat Brickhouse, the widow of the Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse, died at the age of 91. Our condolences go out to her friends and familyAnthony Rizzo Jerseys . And disturbing news as former Cubs pitcher Sergio Mitre was sentenced to 40-to-60 years in prison in Mexico for the murder of his stepdaughter. (Obviously there’s a disturbing content warning here.)Just because they can’t report to Spring Training doesn’t mean they’re not out there throwing.

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Here’s Adbert Alzolay:

And here’s Justin MLB Sweatshirts Steele.

Those two are good friends, by the way.

Minor leaguer Max Bain got in on the action.

You should really read this Twitter thread by Ken Arneson on MLB Car Accessories why the new Athletics stadium (if it ever gets built) will likely be a hitter’s paradise. This as close to science social media as I get.

Food fo fake chicago cubs jersey r thought:

David Hudson looks back at the career of the legendary Sidney Poitier. Time Out ranks the Top 100 French Films of All-Time.There’s finally an official Lego to represent an anus.Here’s a list of the 10 least popular car options of 2021. I can’t understand how more people didn’t order a “Dashboard Dynamic Ham Clamp System.” I would have if it was available for our Honda Accord. Or if it were actually a real thi chicago cubs jersey history ng.

Let’s end the lockout. Let them play.

Cub Tracks’ most likely path Cub Tracks sizes up the relatives Cub Tracks weekend edition Cub Tracks abridged too far? Cub Tracks shortens up Cub Tracks extends a hand

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