The St. Louis Cardinal   chicago cubs mlb jersey to buy   s are the most consistent thing in my life

The St. Louis Cardinal chicago cubs mlb jersey to buy s are the most consistent thing in my life

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Humans as a species are designed to have a short memory about certain things. It is partially why someone that has underwent the pain of child birth might be inclined to go through it again with another child. If we could truly remember certain experiences as they were, we would be less likely to chicago cubs baseball jersey plain do them again. It is a pretty cool biological mechanism we have going on.

Even good things we have a tendency to downplay. This seems by design as well. If we as species were truly content with what chicago cubs mlb jersey crossword we have achieved, we might not continue to strive for improvement. Our ancient ancestors made Gerrit Cole Yankees Jerseys tools from bronze and that was a huge leap in technology for the time. Yesterday someone hit an asteroid with a spaceship. Humans are always looking for the next thing — we are kind of incredible creatures.

Always looking ahead means we do not often look back at what has been achieved. Don’t worry, I am about to tie this back to baseball now. We open each Major League Baseball season looking forward to what it is to come and that seems a pretty appropriate time to do that. Now that the season is coming to a close and before the postseason starts in earnest, it seems like as good a time as ever to look at what has been before looking ahead to what could be. As of Tuesday evening with a 6 to 2 victory over the second-place Milwaukee Brewers, the Cardinals are officially headed to the postseason once again, Champions of the NL Central for the twelfth time sMLB Car Accessories ince the division was established in 1994. They are going to the postseason for the seventeenth time since then.

It is pretty fun to be a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and one of the coolest things about being a fan of sports team is that we don’t really have to do any work. We go to the games, buy the merchandise, and support the team, but we don’t have to get in shape for the season or come up with game strategies. We are gifted to be to just unapolo chicago cubs mlb jersey live getically enjoy baseball and more times than not, the Cardinals have made that pretty easy to do.

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This too shall pass, both good and bad. I hope to cherish every good moment. It will be Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina’s final postseason, maybe Adam Wainwright’s too. Albert Pujols hit his 700th career homer this season. Waino and Yadi set the battery record. Paul GoNolan Arenado Jerseys ldschmidt had a legitimate shot at the triple crown. He and Nolan Arenado are both strong MVP candidates. Tommy Edman might be Corey Seager Rangers Jerseys the most valuable second basemen in the National Lea chicago cubs mlb jersey 80 gue. The Cardinals have a player named Lars Nootbar. Who knows what this team has in store for us next?

It has been a wonderful season and hopefully a fitting, happy conclusion is awaiting. If not… well we will probably forgot about it by Spring Training.

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